Talks + Workshops


Mar. 8

NO SHOW* // Belonging
Dialogue & Gershoni
San Francisco, CA
Co-facilitated dialogue on Belonging

Jul. 18

San Francisco, CA
Co-facilitated and co-designed a dialogue on Belonging



Jan. 20

Unconscious Bias
California Diversity Council @ Gensler
Oakland, CA
Introduction to Unconscious Bias.

Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24

Affect and Neuro-Regulation
Women’s Therapy Center
Berkeley, CA
Four-week class exploring self-regulation for our clients and for ourselves as practitioners.

Apr 5

Courageous Conversations
San Francisco, CA
Beginning of a series on navigating diversity. (2 hrs)

Apr 22

Interrupting Your Interruption Patterns: Exploring the Link Between Unconscious Bias and Collective Learning
Lookout, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
Co-facilitator, Ken Homer. (1.5 hrs)

Apr 28

Working session on Diversity
San Francisco, CA
Co-facilitator, Alan Ratliff.  Great all day working session with Instacart’s diversity committee. (Pics from Twitter)

May 19

Courageous Conversations, Part II

San Francisco, CA
Class 2 on navigating diversity. (2 hrs)



Feb 28

Trauma and Integral Coaching (2-Part)
Identity and Trauma

Palo Alto, CA
Three-hour experiential workshop on how the sex of a client, cultural background and other aspects of identity can create challenges for our clients.

Nov 13-14

Navigating Difference: Emotional Intelligence for the Difficult Conversations
with Ricardo Molano Nieto
White Privilege Symposium, Oakland and SF, CA
This interactive workshop will focus on how to build inclusive containers to effectively begin, manage and end conversations about identity and differences.  The workshop will highlight group and power dynamics that can surface in groups of any kind. It will explore how to respond to emotional bids to build connection, utilize empathic listening for honoring individual stories and effective interventions to access the freedom of choice.

Nov 17

Identity @ Work
One-hour talk on the complexity of identity in the workplace. Introduced a model of how to hold our multi-layered identities and how some identities can come into conflict at work.


May 30

New Ventures West Graduate Roundtable
San Francisco, CA
Three-hour talk on an introduction on trauma for coaches.
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Nov 5

Identity: Beyond the Binary
Women’s Therapy Center

Berkeley, CA
Three-week class exploring new paradigms of identity for the two-year training program.

Nov 12

Blind to What Binds
International Coaching Federation (ICF) SF Chapter

San Francisco, CA
How challenging childhood experiences block a client. Video of talk available online for ICF members.

Nov 15

Trauma and Integral Coaching (2-Part)
Neuroscience, Development and Trauma

Palo Alto, CA
Three-hour experiential workshop on a basic understanding of trauma, how to recognize trauma activation in sessions, and what to do when it arises.