Trauma and Coaching

Part 2: Identity & Trauma (02/28/2015)


In this 3-hour experiential workshop, we will explore the leading edge perspectives on identity and how to work with this complex topic. You will have a better understanding of how we unconsciously move between identities and come in conflict with them both internally and externally.


At times unexpected life events have us take on or engage with an identity we’d rather avoid. Sometimes these identities can even be traumatic to embody. For example:

  • a woman gets a divorce and transitions from a “married woman” to a “divorced woman”
  • a 50-year old CEO becomes unemployed for the first time in his life
  • a female engineer is transferred to an all male team
  • a gay manager who isn’t out to their team gets married

As you probably noticed reading this list, embodying these identities can bring up conflicting emotions and issues. Our clients may not be fully aware that these issues are significantly impacting them.

Building on the previous workshop around the neuroscience and developmental aspects of working with trauma, you will learn how our clients’ identities can cause trauma when they collide with the external world and with rigid, fixed parts of themselves.

You will learn about using Parts Work as a way to explore and integrate our client’s identities, thus reducing their suffering. You will also learn to use mindfulness and somatic inquiry to help our clients know when they unconsciously embody these identities.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received by mail or phone seven days in advance of the event will receive a full refund minus a $25 administrative fee. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after the cancellation deadline.

Cost: $65 / session (early bird)

What are people saying?

  • “The journey that I took with Angella was a rewarding one. I appreciated her gentle but direct approach. For me, it was really about peeling away the layers to understand certain aspects about myself, both positive and negative. One highlight for me was her use of metaphors. That spoke deeply to me. More importantly, the work we did, equipped me with the necessary tools to take next steps. To new beginnings…”
  • “Angella is a skilled and experienced coach. Her background in tech and psychology enabled her to quickly understand my needs. She structured a program that helped me learn skills to better manage stress and confront life's challenges. Her approach is creative, engaging and effective. I truly enjoyed and benefited from the program.”
  • "Angella does a beautiful job giving a short yet powerful introduction to trauma. We know as coaches we’re going to encounter trauma in a client from time to time. What Angella does is give us some very useful tools for thinking about it, recognizing it, and being able to provide the right holding for the client in the moment if they’re experiencing it. Highly recommended as a first step for every coach to be more familiar with this really important (and, for many of us, scary) topic."