Coaching is an opportunity to develop a new competence, get unstuck in some aspect of your life, or open a new possibility for yourself. Topics can range from:

  • courageous conversations
  • balance
  • navigating conflict
  • diversity issues (how to better work with a diverse team)
  • improve leadership skills
  • professional development
  • career direction
  • leadership presence
  • improving EQ and communication skills

How I Work

Though I borrow from my psychotherapy background in supporting my clients in their process, I focus our work on what is blocking my client in the here and now and find ways to unblock them. Often times clients are shifting from one development stage to another and need extra tools to approach their situation differently. Sometimes, old patterns are in the way so the desired path is obscured.

I work from a multicultural lens taking in not only the whole client, but also the diverse world they live and work in. MORE ON APPROACH


Each coaching program is custom designed. Duration of program usually runs about 4-6 months.
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