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I believe the better you know yourself, the more effectively you can navigate life. Yet, knowing yourself is not always enough. I help individuals get out of their own way by identifying and moving through the fears that hold them back from their potential. READ MORE


Angella Okawa, MA, LMFT (#83306) works with individuals, couples, and teams interested in taking their personal development to the next level. She also specializes in bringing mindfulness to the challenges of diversity and difference offering self-study and online courses at Mindful Diversity. Angella has a coaching and psychotherapy practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Read more



Coaching is an opportunity to develop a new competence, get unstuck in some aspect of your life, or open a new possibility for yourself. Read more


Having someone walk alongside you as you grapple with life’s challenges can be tremendously healing and rewarding. Read more


I offer talks and workshops on unconscious bias, personal identity, diversity, and advanced skills for coaches. Read more


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7 Reasons Why Your Impact May Be Different Than You Intended

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Essential Tools for Navigating Difficult Relationships

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